Monday, October 22, 2007

'TV' on the Flash Drive

Sandisk today has introduced Sansa TakeTV. Do you remember how to operate a DVD player? I'm talking about the bit that requires you actually to get up and insert a disc. Most likely this knowledge has not escaped you, right. Well, many bloggers have forgotten this ability and complain about the TakeTV's lack of wireless connection to the television. Cry me a river guys. Really though, have your rear ends grown into your computer chairs or what? The TakeTV has a remote, so once the trek from your desk to your entertainment center is made you can catch your breath. TakeTV is really just a glorified flash drive that comes with a docking station. The dock provides a connection from the USB flash drive to the TV's analog s-video or RCA inputs. This allows you to watch any DVIX, XVID, and MPEG-4, that you've uploaded to the flash drive, at 720x576 resolution on you TV screen. The price is set from Sandisk to be 99.95 and 149.95 for the 4 Gig(5hrs of video) and 8 gig(10 hrs) models respectively.