Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Etronic's Catchy Phrase Contest

We know we’re a clever bunch over here at Etronics.com, but even great minds have brain farts every once in a while. So we’ve decided to shift the pleasure (or burden) of constructing a market appropriate catch phrase to you, our untapped resource…I mean valued customer. What will you win if your savvy word-smiting is chosen as the catchiest phrase? (in addition to the adoration of your friends and family) You’ll receive a sweet piece of engineering, an official 1988, made in Japan, Sony 20 inch Trinitron television. We were all pretty excited to find this gem in the warehouse. (Sort of a buried treasure) Maybe you’re thinking this is a relic, a dinosaur even. You couldn’t be more wrong. This television was manufactured at a time when quality control was high, defects were low, and Sony’s were really expensive. This vintage technology uses surround sound stereo speakers, has video component connections, and is cable ready. You can enjoy Pong or Playstation 3 on this Sony. It is completely unused, still in the box, has a manual, and comes with one of those huge remotes that could only be from the eighties. What other reasons do you need? It’s a Sony.