Wednesday, October 3, 2007

LG Voyager set to Stun Mode

[image courtesy of Verizon Wireless]

posted by Andrew Harris

Even if you’re suffering option overload when it comes to wireless handsets, read on; one seems to float to the top. Now you may ask yourself what does this new touch screen wonder device have that the iPhone doesn’t have? LG’s Voyager has physical keyboard, for one…well a QWERTY keypad, removable SD memory expandable to 8 GB, and Bluetooth connectivity. Needless to say, LG’s latest handset, Voyager, is much more than an iPhone wantabe. Verizon Wireless is hoping that the stocking will be stuffed in their favor this holiday season, promising Voyagers to be in stores by Thanksgiving. Mobile media addicts will get their fix in the usually sundry ways, including Verizon’s high speed wireless broadband with HTML browsing capabilities. Seems as if you can only watch V-Cast videos, but really they have most anything you want to watch on v-cast. As for the music playback it’s much more versatile supporting .mp3, .wma, & .acc, and music downloading is “quick and easy”. LG is banking, not on hype and aesthetics; they’re more about form following function. So satisfy you left brain and be sensible, buy for features not for hype.