Friday, October 26, 2007

Alpine iDA-X001 DMR Made for Apple iPod

These days, it seems as if the electronics market is slowly becoming overcrowded with iPod accessories. This trend is due to the pervasiveness of iPod ownership…many companies are happily making millions off iPod accessory development. Yet, leaders still emerge.
Alpine iDA-X001 Digital Media Receiver designed for iPod
So it only makes sense that, to their mutual benefit, companies like Alpine would join forces and work cooperatively with Apple to develop integrative iPod technologies. Ultimately, with one common goal in mind…quenching that mobile music thirst. Now, the new kids on the block known as digital media car revivers (DMR for short) are redefining the way we look at are car audio systems. On the Alpine iDA-X001 there‘s no disc player and definitely no cassette player. Instead they’re a multitude of possible add ons, optional: CD changers, Blutooth technologies, satellite radio, and HD radio are available, but who needs ‘em. This jewel gives you jog wheel music library navigation and album artwork (with 5th generation iPods) displayed on it crisply render LCD display. The connection is all digital through high speed USB 2.0. Generic USB flash memory drives, with MP3s present, can also be play over the system. Most users rate this unit high and the only drawback is the jog wheel is a bit cumbersome. A touch wheel would be nice. Maybe next time guys try a touch wheel.