Thursday, October 11, 2007

And in this Corner...Cuisinart Griddler Jr.

posted by Andrew Harris

Marketers are an insidious bunch. The persuader who was responsible for convincing folks to snap up cheaply made, hard to clean grills (with an ugly mug on the box) no doubt is sitting pretty these days. On the other hand, Cuisinart products have a reputation, and it's a good one. No celebrity is going to change that. This month the Cuisinart Griddler is birthing an offspring, the Griddler Jr. So, since you just moved into to that two million dollar condo overlooking the park. It's time to pick which appliances are going to match your stainless steel counter tops and Ikea shelves. Cuisinart's look is classic contemporary so it is up to your discerning aesthetic judgment. Cuisinart Griddler Jr. is sophisticated enough for the seasoned foodie with temperature control, removable grill plates, multiple configurations(grill, contact grill, panini press), also it's straightforward enough for the non-culinary types (raw food in cooked food out). So even if your real estate doesn't exude good taste and class your electric grill will.
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Anonymous said...

I have the larger C. Griddler...and I really hate it. The fact that the top "swings freely" when it is opened after cooking allows for any grease residue to drip onto the counter top and even the electric cord. I find that it mostly makes a royal mess and I wish I'd never bought the thing. I called Cuisinart Customer Service and they basically said, "tough toenails..."

Andrew R. Harris/etronics' blog said...

I hear that concern. It seems pretty screwy that they don't have a drip tray for the back. You could I guess lay it flat quickly after cooking. Quickly, enouch for the grease to stay on the grill until you can clean it.