Thursday, October 18, 2007

Real Brick Oven for your Countertop

Cuisinart's new countertop brick oven is the perfect solution to not living in NYC…at least the part of living here that has to do with the availably of great tasting pizza 24/7. This oven really makes me wish Cuisinart had a representative that came to vendors and demonstrated their product's great capabilities first hand. How nice would that be? If the smell of baking pizza filled my cubical, and I didn’t have to lift a finger except to munch freshly baked goodness. Alas, this is not going to happen but one can’t help bit dream (especially so close to lunchtime). Cuisinart has scaled down the brick pizza oven to fit on your countertop. When I first glanced at the BRK-200 I thought great another toaster oven I have to some how make seem exciting. To my surprise, I learned that this was no ordinary toaster oven. This particular oven has the unique distinction of have actual bricks built into the side of the oven. Additionally, there’s a removable baking stone to help intensify brick oven cooking. Cusiniart BRK-200 has brush stainless steel industrial styling, 2 racks, 3 cooking settings (bake, broil, and toast), .90 cubic ft. and non stick coatings to make oven clean up a snap. You could even bring it to your office and make all your co-works drool with envy.