Friday, October 12, 2007

Motorola Hopes the RAZR2, Raises their Stock

posted by Andrew Harris

The once best selling RAZR, was badly in need of a makeover. Enter RAZR2. The RAZR slim phone's popularity seemed to coincide directly with the resurgence of skinny pants. I bet someone at Motorola overheard “With this bulky phone in my silhouette will just be ruined”, or a comment similar to this. This in turn may have helped initiate the creation of the RAZR (it most likely was market research but this is more romantic). Cell phones are fashion accessories. It only makes sense that one inspired the other. This phone allows its users to make a unique fashion statement and download a ring tone that lets everyone know their musical taste. Thus, successfully appeasing ones desire to express individuality. Well, as much as one can with a phone. The RAZR2 has been upgraded not only in looks but in functionality as well with the larger external display, 2GB storage (1000 songs), 2.0-megapixal camera, Window Media Player 11(200 online music stores), along with an upgraded mobile browser. The RAZR2 styling is eye catching and elegant and feels great in you hand while talking on it. It is a slick piece, a little too slick. My only gripe is the grip, it's the diamond cut pattern sideband. I would like to have a rubber grip just for peace of mind. I can envision getting one of those stress inducing calls my palms start to sweat and the next thing I know I'm picking up my dented or scratched RAZR2 from the ground. Though, I've dropped every phone I have ever these fears stem from that more than the RAZR2's design.
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