Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Car Stereo Bluetooth From Sony

Have you been getting those annoying tickets for not using a hands free device with your mobile phone while driving? (I've gotten a couple.) Wired headsets get tangled and break and those Bluetooth headsets kinda turn everyone who wears them onto a Cyborg. If you have one and rock it more power to you. Bluetooth through the car stereo system seems promising yet has the possibility of being overpriced, but so does having a car. The safety of you and yours is the good reason for spending money on this technology. Plus, you may not have updated your car head unit in years so this is a perfect excuse to do so.

The Sony MEX-Bt5000 has just arrived. It's slick looking and inexpensive (if you buy smart)'s definitely worth the bucks. Especially if you factor in those traffic ticket fines. This receivers' most stunning feature the Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities this allows you to connect your phone as the audio source. You can then play audio streams straight from your phone. This would be an upgrade for most high end car audio owners. iPods plug in along with CD changes. This unit is iPod friendly. Which brings me to this question. When the iPods going to get Bluetooth?