Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No, not the LCD...the Sound Projector

[image courtesy Yamaha]

posted by Andrew Harris

Now I preface this post by asking all audiophiles not to cringe in disgust. Its another all-in-one audio unit. Yamaha, with the YSP-3000, hopes to make some multi-speaker system shoppers convert and embrace their vision of surround sound. Which is a singular sound projection unit. It uses all the latest innovations from a variety of renowned sound labs. These technologies simulate a multi-speaker system's sound, without the wires or the installation contractor.

The beams of sound shooting out the thing effectively make it true multi-channeled. What can you listen to on it? The Yamaha YSP-3000 sound projector has more connections than a Columbian drug, HDMI, XMHD ready, FM tuner, and an iPod interface(w/YDS-10 dock)all presented in a deceptively simple package.

I don't think that sound system installers are going to lose sleep over this one. Although, if you're short on space(as many city dwellers are)than this sound system could be a valuable space saver. I mean really, if you're so short on space that you're TV is two feet away from you couch...than you mostly likly don't need powerful multi-speaker sound system. So this makes perfect sense.

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