Thursday, October 18, 2007

Express Your Sophistication with Cuisinart Espresso Maker EM-200

Cuisinart EM-200 is a time saver. Picture yourself standing a in long line at that chain coffee place. You know the one. Impatiently waiting on that spacey seventeen year old behind the counter to look up from their text messages long enough to take the order of the person standing right in front them. Now you’re late and you still haven’t had you're morning latte. Now imagine being in the comfort of you own place relaxing with your freshly made home brew, possibly in your bath robe, and feeling more revitalized with every passing minute. Sure making your own espresso, latte or cappuccino can take a bit of time. Some would rather have someone else to do the dirty work for them, but not you. You enjoy the satisfaction of doing things the right way, your way. Cuisinart has brought the coffee house to your house with their espresso maker. Fully deck out with classic stainless steel that is a Cuisinart, a warming tray on top, a one or two cup option, programmed cup size, use either pods or grounds, and the 15 bars of pressure guarantee perfect professional results with each cup. Really the Cuisnart EM-200 could most likely pay for itself in like 40 or 50 cups(from those chain places), and no more dealing with long lines, slacker youths, or overpriced overly fancy espressos.