Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Passwords be 'Damned', I Want to Draw

Tech News
Remembering all those passwords got you down? Do you use the same password for all your accounts? This practice can be a bit risky to say the least. What if someone found out that one password? The damage could be widespread. No worries mate the British are here to help. Newcastle University researches, Dr Jeff Yan, a computer science lecturer, and PhD student Paul Dunphy have developed emerging Draw a Secret(DAS)for drawing rather than typing your pass code. To even use DAS pass codes you would need something that allows you to interface using a stylus. Devices such as tabletsor Smartphoneswould allow for this type of interface. This DAS type of security measure would be difficult, if not impossible, to hack or reproduce.
DAS apparently has failed to take off due to the difficulty of remembering where you started your pass-drawing when you assigned it. So in the enduring spirit of trail and error, they’ve added a background image(BDAS). In hopes that this will enable you to remember where to start that scribble you foolishly made your pass code. This direction makes sense, drawings are potentially easier to memorize. However, making a drawing that is complicated enough to be effective and that you can consistently reproduce is a challenge in and of itself. Plus, how many more ways will we give ourselves to enable our memory to go soft? Although, if you’re an illustrator this is most likely right up your ally.