Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Gas Sound Good to You?!, a new startup out of Cali, will pay you in petrol for allowing them to advertise their partners on your car. (Sorry Hummer owners, they don't accept your vehicles into their program for obvious reasons.) We’re talking about those sticker ads you’ve seen on buses and vans, usually for the next hot album to drop or something similarly youthful. Up until now people have been given cars to compensate them for being driving advertisements.

Free gas has just recently become a more viable payment, and these brokers of marketing material have certain vehicles they give preferential treatment to. Cars with a youthful appeal and those that have a whole lot of vertical real estate, such as the Sicon xB, are the prime candidates. is completely inventive, brilliant, and insidious. They’re paying people with the one thing that is essential to getting their partner’s advertising in front of more eyes – GAS. Do ya think free gas might change people driving frequency?

Don’t think they're not going to be keeping an eye on your car and their ads, they have hired a firm to track the movements of their leased advertising space, in the name of protecting their partner’s brand image. Would it really hurt to be associated with mayhem? What if the white SUV in the OJ chase had an Oreo ad on it? Would people have stopped buying Oreos?