Monday, July 21, 2008

Sony's Latest Standalone Blu-ray Players

Try as the might; Sony just can't seem to make a standalone player that competes with their own Playstation 3. Something tells me they're really not trying that hard. Their latest player the BDP-S350 is priced the same as the Playstation 3 40GB at $399.99.

It only makes sense they'd rather you purchased a video gaming system that takes more than one media. When you buy a Playstation your not gonna just watch movies on it. Your gonna get some games too, even if your not a gamer per say. So the licensing royalties made off those Playstation games roll in. Plus, you need a remote and another controller right off the bat.

The initial reports on the player from the frontlines...
make it seem that Sony's tryin’ to pull one over on us. Hands on reporters had noted the cheap feel of the new unit and felt the asking price was inflated. Sure they’ve inflated the price, why not? It’s a new technology that people will fork over big bucks to be a part of.

Prices will come down. I think some technology reporters are getting too use to the pace of blogging and expect the world to follow suit. Sorry guys the market and the market alone will decide when the price can fall, and not even Sony can make more people buy these things.

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Nobanno said...

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