Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cut and Paste on iPhone with Magic Pad

MagicPad software from Proximi finally brings copy and paste to the iPhone. Something Apple developers have been apparently ignoring forever, gee thanks geeks. MagicPad also allows rich text editing. Colors, strikeouts, underlines, bold, italics, as well as various fonts at different sizes can be applied to any typed text. Now don’t go getting all excited and run over to the app store just yet, ‘cause Apple is still mulling over whether or not to offer the new app to us. Huh?

The only other small consideration… you can't carry the clipboard to other apps. Other than that MAJOR drawback, the app seems very promising. Text formatting is emailed in tact and the app is super simple to operate. Peep the demo video after the break…

via Company Site... Apple iPhone Apps