Monday, July 21, 2008

Google Phone to Launch on T-Mobile

October 1st is the alleged launch date of T-Mobile’s own 3G network. Coinciding with TMo’s 3G launch is the first Google phone, the HTC’s Dream, which has been running Android for months. Dream is a top contender to dethrone the iPhone.

When TMo's network goes live, it will be the only competing network to AT&T’s HSPA network, but the high might be short lived - as many other Google partners have similar phones and launch dates in mind.

Considering the apparent consumer appetite for new phone technology seems even this slight edge on the competition could translate into huge numbers for T-Mobile. I couldn’t tell you if they’ll be a run on these phones, Apple fans are a special breed, but I think there are many more people anticipating a Google phone then had anticipated the iPhone release. How willing they will be to go for a relatively unknown brand, HTC, remains to be seen.

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