Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple has first day jitters in NYC

Here at the 14th St Apple store in Nyc, the activation computers apparently went down, leaving many would be iPhone buyers stranded outside - prompting the store to hand out Apple golf umbrellas to beat the heat, of course they're black.

Upon arriving I noticed an impromptu on-the-street unboxing. When I asked "how long did you have to wait" I got a reluctant response, "too long, 8hrs". Obviously he wasn't proud of it.

Damn... is a phone worth that much of my time - No way. I ask a salesperson if he thinks they'll sell out like the last release. He says Apple stopped the supply of the first iPhone due to unlocking issues and jailbroken phones, "[Steve] wants us to have this phone". The thing is, I just need a phone - mine went for a swim on the 4th, guess I'll go another weekend without. They'll have more Monday.