Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MiniEV Plans Put on Hold?

Mini Cooper RacingDriver's seatFriday I sent an email to Mini USA inquiring about the electric version of their popular Mini Cooper, or the MiniEV. I simply asked, 'How do I pre-buy a MiniEV?' The response I received was a vague form letter that raised many more questions than it answered...

Plans had called for a next summer release, possibly only in Cali!? According to Autobloggreen's diligent reporting we now know further announcements are excepted later this year, possibly around the time of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

from Mini:
-"Due to the unexpected, overwhelming response, MINI is currently reviewing our plans regarding the evaluation, test drives and distribution of the new MINI EV. Right now, it's not determined yet and details will be released with plenty of time for our customers to take advantage of this new technology. Regrettably, no further information is available at this time."