Monday, July 28, 2008

Samsung's Latest Hybrid HDTV/Moniters

Samsung 22” HDTV widescreen monitor w/ ATSCFew hybtid devices make as much sense as these.

Samsung has just started shipping a hybrid that many saw coming from a mile away. They have just released their latest line of wide format computer monitors that will include an ATSC/ Clear QAM digital tuner built right in. The T220HD (1680x1050), T260HD, and T240HD (1920x1200) will be able to pick up the over the air or cable HD broadcast signals that most major stations already transmit.

The hybrid display offerings will range from 22 to 26 inches making them perfect for a monitor upgrade - with the added benefits of being a TV. The addition of an ATSC tuner will also take care of that pesky DTV transition. Samsung doesn’t skimp on inputs either. The new line sports more connections than a presumptive presidential candidate, with composite video, DVI, component, TV (digital TV / analog TV) and front and rear HDMI input. If only I didn’t own an iMac... On second thought, I could go for a totally unnecessary second display, I need a new TV and these are sick looking.