Monday, July 21, 2008

Coby makes HD Radio Affordable

Coby HDR-700 and HDR-650Due out this August are two HD radio receivers, the HDR-700 and the HDR-650, from that value brand we’ve come to love – Coby. These latest Cobys aren’t quite the $5 headphones - stocked at your local bodega - that you’re used to picking up. These HD radios pack some serious sound in a seriously small package.

The HDR-700 is a portable cordless tabletop HD radio with an integrated rechargeable battery and splash-proof casing, making this Coby the perfect travel companion. The portable tuner/player sports an SD card slot for MP3 playback and, of course, is able to pick up crystal clear free HD broadcasts – anywhere. Price to move with you at $149.

The HDR-700’s partner in tuning is the component HD radio receiver, the HDR-650. Its brushed aluminum casing and diminutive stature allows it to easy assimilate into any stereo system. The alarm and sleep functions let you wake or rest to perfectly clear brilliant sounding audio. Sure you’ll have some ads to contend with, but what’s the alternative… paying for radio transmissions? No Thanks, I'll just pay $99 bucks for this little guy and have all the radio programming one person can handle.

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