Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Portable USB DTV Tuner for Mac

So you wanna watch broadcast DTV, anywhere you’re at - on your Pentium PowerBook or MacBook. As if, free streaming videos of low quality bootlegs, high quality network sites, VOD, and podcasts aren’t enough. Then again, no one can have too much Judge Mathis in their life?

AVerMedia was hocking their latest Volar USB DTV tuner for Mac at a Taiwanese Trade show earlier this year. To be more exact, the ones they were showing were DBV-T, the Taiwanese broadcasting standard

When they ship to the US, they will be DTV compliant. The projected US launch date is the end of the year, price is speculated to be around the same as their other USB TV tuners, about $80 or so. PC version out now.


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