Thursday, January 31, 2008

24hr Apple Store Air Rollout

The Apple store workers are all a twitter over the new laptop rollout that's taking place at the 24hr Apple store in Midtown Manhattan. They've cordoned off the laptop stations to setup the sexy new Airs and Powerbooks. "No pictures", one coffee fueled tech asserts. "What are these diva laptops?" I thought to myself. There are about a dozen or so folks standing outside the "velvet" rope waiting till the workers turn them loose on the coveted technology. I stopped by to try out the trackpad for myself and it looks, yep it's time, BACK IN A SEC!

That trackpad is larger and you can use one, two, or three fingers to activate the multi-touch functions. It takes a few tries to get it, but only a few. Tap and click, dragging, drag lock, two finger scrolling, picture rotate, pinch open and close, screen zoom, and three finger navigate all work like a charm. I want it, but alas they won't take my money no matter how much I beg. They're just not for sale yet. Big teasers.