Monday, January 7, 2008

Samsung Dual Format Players BP-5000/U5500

Samsung BP-5000Are you somewhat indecisive? Does the thought of selecting between two seemingly equal options make your palms sweat? This sounds likes many of us. As far as, the latest video disc format war (Blu-ray vs. HD DVD) chances are you, like me, haven’t made a decision on what format player you want to go with.

Samsung BP-U5500 If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the companies backing the different formats to duke it out before scooping up your set, you’re not alone. In an effort to get money from us non-committal types, Samsung is slated to offer a two dual format single disc players “Duo HD”, the BP-U5500 (second half of the year) and BP-5000 (hitting warehouses now).

The BP-5000 is said to have shipped with some bugs in terms of sound processing. This will most likely be addressed in a software update by Samsung. One hopes that the BP-U5500 will ship without any major issues. However, with the addition of Ethernet access on the BP-U5500 if this is the case the player could be updated automatically. This addition also increases the amount of content that the player can access over the internet.

The newer BP-U5500 player also supports Blu-ray Disc’s ‘Final Profile’ which allows for more special features support (when present on the new disc releases). Samsung gives you the best of both formats without you choosing sides or locking yourself into a particular format. These two Samsung models also handle your existing media (CD/DVD) with ease.

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Update: The spec page is up from Samsung BD-UP5000. Seems as if the production models are label BD-UP5000/5500. Blu-ray Disc Universal Player, I'm guessing.

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