Monday, January 28, 2008

Casio's Perfect Phone for a Disaster

This phone is marketed as a fitness phone, it has a calorie counter and a pedometer that displays calories burned and distance traveled. It is also sweat/waterproof. I think this disaster preparedness angle would be better, 'guess they don't what to scare us'.

Casio W61CA, Credit: Casio Japan Normally, I’d leave this one alone, we don’t even sell phones anymore, but this standard looking flip is far too impressive to ignore. The big plus of the fetching phone, especially in a survivalist sense, is its disaster coping skills. This Casio could quite literally help save your life.

Casio W61CA, Credit: Casio JapanDisaster preparedness is a real concern for most city dwellers, think less “Escape from New York” and more hurricane induced floods. Unless your private road to Ohio is well under construction you might want to pick up one of these Casio W61CAs if they ever make the jump across the sea from the Asian.

Earthquake alert, which presumably could be modified for region (typhoon, hurricane, volcano, tsunami, etc.), provides you with valuable predictive information. This information alone could help save you, but what’s the good of knowing of an impending disaster if you don’t know where to go?

'Nabi' disaster, Casio W61CA's built-in disaster evacuation tool, aims to keep you up-to-date on evacuation route and traffic conditions via DMB; while directing you, thru GPS, to the quickest route to safety. Now, these systems are all dependent on the quality of information they are given but I’d rather have the Casio W61CA to depend on than my battery operated handheld radio.

A slew of other fine features make this Casio an awesome upgrade from their calculator watch days. ..via Gizmodo..

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