Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eye-Fi Wireless Digital Camera Cards

Eye-Fi Card, Wireless 2 GB SD Memory CardMost photographers don't need to have their photos methodically dissected by an art director, sitting in front of a laptop, the moment after they have taken it, but who says you shouldn’t be able to wirelessly transfer your digital snaps instantly over your home network right to your hard drive?

Yuval Koren, co-founder of Eye-Fi, asked this same question and then started a business (if only we were all so resourceful). What he and his cohorts came up with is truly astonishing. Eye-Fi is a 2Gb SD cardEye-Fi Card, Wireless 2 GB SD Memory Cardwith built in Wi-Fi. It gives any camera that accepts SD cards the ability to wirelessly transfer photographs as soon as they’re taken to a waiting PC or Mac (iPhoto supported). Image transfers work over any wireless network that you’ve setup to accept the image files.

This trick by itself is commendable, but Eye-Fi takes this seamless system a step further. You can even have the Eye-Fi service, which is free; upload your photographic memoirs to social networks, or online printing services.

Facebook/Myspace junkies, if you’re worried about image size restrictions in place at most social network sites, you don’t have to. Eye-Fi service automatically and, pretty much, instantly resizes your photos and posts them without photographers having to touch a computer or adjust anything on the camera to compensate for the site’s image size restrictions .

These transfers, to printing services and social networks, can happen without any computer intervention at all, it doesn’t even have to be powered up. If you'd like a copy sent to your computer, in addition to the web, you can select to have the uploaded images transferred to the computer, as well. Next time you power up the photos will be transferred.

This inexpensive Wi-Fi enabled SD card would be a great gift for your photographically inclined lover this Valentines Day, or just a nice tool for a burgeoning professional photographer.

Yuval's company would really take off if they could just get these cards to work, without setup, on any open wireless network. Wait, maybe that should be my nonexistent company's mission. What's Yuval's e-mail again?

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