Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Casio PX-110 Privia Keyboard/Digital Piano

Casio PX-110 Privia Keyboard/Digital PianoPrivia keyboards from Casio deliver the full sound of concert piano, in a highly versatile, lightweight portable package. Weighing-in at a mere 30lbs and boasting a slim design, the Casio PX110 Privia digital piano can be setup just about anywhere.

These full scale 88 key electric pianos feature Casio Hammer Action keys that give pianists the same resistance and response they would feel from a traditional piano. Additionally, polyphonic keys allow for multiple key strikes, up to 32, to sound at the same time; adding even more traditional piano functionality.

The MIDI interface allows you to use the advanced, full scale, touch sensitive keyboard to control your professional music production computer applications with a new found control over the sound.

The instrument works just as well as a standalone also. With the internal speakers musicians can use the built-in sound bank of 11 preset tones and 20 rhythms to create compositions on the fly, and then record these musings with the on-board two track recorder for transfer to a computer later.

Another notable feature of the PX-110 is having 2 headphone inputs, this would be great in for a music teacher. These inputs would allow for both student and teacher to hear the lesson’s progression while maintaining a quiet home. Thereby, saving the house’s other residents from a nervous breakdown caused by repeated poor performances.

Give yourself, or your love ones, the tools necessary to make music composition more than just a hobby, consider a Casio Privia PX-110 for your next instrument purchase.

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