Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macbook Air Uncovered

Wired's Gadget Lab, yesterday, broke the news on Apple's new "sub-notebook" computer. Is this their version of ASUS Eee PC?

Our own source inside Apple enlightens us to further specs. The MacBook Air, as it is rumored to be called, will sport a seven inch screen and don around 32Gigs of hard drive space. That's about all we've got on this breaking story, check back after Steve's keynote address for more news.

Update: Well, we couldn't be more wrong. Here's the scoop from Steve himself.

MACBOOK AIR specs: 0.76" at its tallest end and 0.16" at shorter end, 13.4″display, ships with 80gb flash HD or 160gb solid state, 1.6ghz or 1.8ghz Intel Core Duo, new Intel chip that is 60% smaller than usual core duos, comes with 802.11n and latest Bluetooth, price: $1799, 5 hr batter life, 'remote disk' feature will allow you to install software from another computer.

..Via TechCrunch..