Friday, January 11, 2008

Panasonic's new Blu-ray player and Home Theater

Panasonic is on the winning side of the format war. They're the leaders and main innovators in plasma TV and Blu-ray players, and never in short supply of a loyal fan base.

Their 150 inch plasma display show piece did its job well at CES, attracting the appropriate attention from journalists and attendees, alike. Other items garnishing attention for Panasonic are the first profile 2.0 Blu-ray player, the DMP-BD50, and the newest home theater-in-a-box offering, the SC-BT100.

Panny's newest systems boasts more advanced sound reproduction not only through Digital Sound Processing, but in terms of speaker construction, as well. Bamboo diaphragm speakers replace the traditional paper diaphragms units. This improves sound velocity and reproduces superior high definition fidelity in 7.1 surround sound. Underscoring these improvements is the improved strength and durability gained with the use of bamboo.

Other cool things about Pannny's HTB are: wireless speakers, advanced processing engines for color processing and image upscaling, SD card slot to coincide with "full HD" cameras and camcorders, GUI, and an integrated flip down iPod dock complete with on screen controls and iPod video playback.

Also, there's the little announcement about how they will break with tradition, seems to be become a theme with them as of late, by not using the founder’s name Matsushita as the company name. Instead, opting to use the name everyone knows and loves, Panasonic. So that's the rundown from the Panasonic camp for CES 2008.

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