Friday, January 18, 2008

Belkin FlyWire, Wireless HD Video Transmitter

Belkin FlyWireIf you finally decided to make that HDTV purchase you are now faced with the slight dilemma; where‘re you going to put the thing? TV stands are a viable option, but they kind of defeat the purpose of a flat panel. The très chic action to take is hanging it on the wall, and hiding any wiring to the television, in the wall.

This is a perfect option for new builds, but existing homeowner’s usually have a healthy and well founded fear of putting big holes in their homes’ walls. I sympathize, apparently so does Belkin. They’ve demonstrated a new product named FlyWire at CES.

This truly fascinating wireless technology transmits high definition video signals (24 fps, 1080p) over the 5GHz radio spectrum. It works through walls, and transmits the video signals from DVRs, DVD players, cable boxes, and so on...right to your HDTV via HDMI.

The receiver part of the package is quite small and thin so it would easily attach and to the back of your HDTV and be completely hidden. The transmitter box, as it exists now, has but one HDMI interface, to pull a signal from a HD movie player for example, but Belkin is rumored to have their engineers working hard in order to provide more HDMI interfaces for their production model.

Along with the HDMI, the FlyWire’s backside is adorned with video component and composite interfaces to adapt to all video output devices (no upscaling, though). Included on the back of the transmitter is one interface that looks like it would interface with the digital video card in your computer. This all seems very promising.

There’re conflicting stories about price and release date for these, from what I can gather they will most likely ship right before Christmas, however, some have the ship date pegged to be closer to summer. Price also is yet to be confirmed by Belkin. The projected range is anywhere from $400-$600.

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