Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Give Peace a Chance in the Format War

I’m always one to root for the underdog, but sometimes it’s better to just admit being outmatched and focus on other things. Such is the case with HD-DVD, Toshiba's high definition video disc format using Microsoft software. The format has failed to out sell its arch nemesis Blu-ray Disc, in terms of players and titles.

New statistics publicized today at CES followed the announcement of a second profile update for Blu-ray, profile 2.0. As with profile 1.1 this 2.0 update gives you more interactivity and special feature access; most things HD-DVD has had since its beginnings. Despite this constant retooling, Blu-ray remains on top in total sales.

According to Home Media Research, an independent market research firm, Blu-ray titles outsold their competition 2 to 1 in the states this year; player sales stand at 3 to 1 in Blu-rays favor. This particular statistic makes HD-DVD sound like a salvageable format in the states; its pretty bad but not a total shutout. Unfortunately for HD-DVD lovers, the rest of the world’s major electronics markets have a much more decisive numbers. The European market has the ratio of Blu-ray titles to HD-DVD at 3 to 1 and players at 10 to 1. The real blow comes from the land where these things tend to be decided, Japan. Consumers have voted with their wallets overwhelmingly for Blu-ray. Home Media Research puts the ratio at 14 to 1 for titles sales, and 100 to 1 for player sales. Is that a death rattle I hear?

Update: Toshiba PR stateswoman fires back at CES press conference

..Via CES Press Releases..