Friday, January 4, 2008

Blackberry gets Slung over Slingbox PRO HD

SlingMedia SlingBox PRO HD

Blackberry's tried and true image of being a totally utilitarian device, more suitable for suits than slackers, maybe tarnished somewhat by this new announcement. SlingMedia is introducing, at CES, their latest model the Slingbox PRO HD. In this upgrade, the good folks at SlingMedia heeded the advice of their customers, more likely focus groups, and added Blackberry support for the SlingPlayer Mobile.

This new box streams your chosen supply of 1080i video over your home network (best way to use this model) or the internet (dependent on your bandwidth). The Slingbox PRO HD looks like its sibling the Slingbox PRO, and works basically the same way except for the HD quality video.

Though Blackberry really doesn’t need a PR boost, this newfound goof-ability will certainly perk up some ears. As to when to look for these...Sling Media's answer is sometime "this year". For more pics click read more link.

..Via Engadget..