Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Textbuyit Makes Bargain Hunting Obsolete

TextbuyitSo there you are in the local Ma and Pa bookstore contemplating that literary purchase when think to yourself, ‘screw the local economy I want the cheapest price.’

Enter Amazon, the quintessential online bookseller and oh so much more. The mobile payment department, over there, launched on Tuesday Textbuyit. Phone texting is Amazon's newest way to help you give into your every whim, at discount prices of course.

Just text the title or other identifying features to 262966 or Amazon, seconds later you’re presented with options from different sellers at various prices; reply by texting 1, 2, or m (for more options).

When you’ve found the right item, at the right price, from the right place you simply text your email and zip code (only initially). One of Amazon’s computers then calls you to complete the purchase over the phone. No human interaction required (unless you answer the mailman when he rings the bell).

Betting that this will take purchases away from bookstores isn’t one I’d make, but as far as large electronics or heavy things, I could easily see city dwellers hitting this service up after probing the brick and mortar offerings.

Inevitably, Textbuyit will have some impact on brick and mortars, but getting shoppers to buy from a computer when the product is right in front of them would be quite the accomplishment.