Monday, April 7, 2008

Wind Powered Handheld Device Charger: MiniWiz's HYmini

MiniWiz HYminiSolar powered chargers for portable devices make on-the-go sense but say you don’t live in Nevada; what then?

MiniWiz’s HYmini give those of us in cloudier locales the added option of harnessing or creating wind to supply voltage to a 5v handheld via USB (or one of the five adapters).

The built in wind turbine is really for supplementing the solar panel (not included) or wall power. Wind alone won’t fully charge the HYmini battery, but wind can be created, sunlight can‘t.

Good thing, because it takes a 9mph gust to get this power producer revved up enough to create a usable current. So if it’s clam and cloudy out, strap the HYmini to your handle bars for a current creating ride or lash it to your arm for a jog; reinvigorate yourself and your electronics.

You’ll achieve the needed wind velocity while burning a few calories to boot. Talk about your hippie devices; this is like an environmentalist badge of honor. West Coast folks will love this one.

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Anonymous said...

I have one of these. The solar panels can be diasy-chained, up to four in total. The wind works well, especially if you ride a bike with it. The solar works great in direct sunlight. If you really try, you can live your mobile phone life without the grid.