Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Car Electronics are on the On Ramp to the Information Superhighway

or Computers to Replace Common Sense

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Today Honda announced their newest GPS units will let drivers know if they're about to leave their economically viable ride in an economically challenged area.

The new system alerts drivers if they have picked a less than desirable spot to park, places were the chances of the car coming out unscathed are slim to none.

The GPS’ calculated decisions are made by accessing local police records for any specified area. A crime rating is issued for each area you park in that has a higher than normal level of crimes against cars. Using the law of probability, the GPS alerts you when the chips are stacked against you and your car.

Don’t expect this system in the US anytime soon, on the fly access to local US law enforcement data systems seems like a logistical nightmare. Not to mention the cries of socioeconomic profiling that will be sure to follow.

Implementing this system should prove to be a good incentive to clean up crime ridden areas, especially if people started avoiding certain places based on this new GPS’ recommendations, which they will.

People are very willing to give over thinking to a computer as the folks in Wedmore, England know all too well...International Herald Tribune.

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