Friday, April 4, 2008

Go Blu-ray with the Denon dvd-3800bdci

Denon dvd-3800bdci
Denon has always meant serious A/V performance. While other manufactures are more worried about how much Blu-ray blue the can get on the front of their latest players or how to price it for the causal movie viewer, Denon worries more about things that actually concern videophiles.

In other words, the Denon DVD3800BDCI Blu-Ray Disc/DVD/CD Player actually advances the industry by integrating exclusive Denon developments such as rock solid multi-layer case construction which minimizes extraneous noise and a vibration suppressive stabilizing disc drive that ensures quiet accurate disc playback. Denon also decks out their disc jockeys with the most advanced A/V chipsets around then pairs these advancements with the newest HDMI standard 1.3a.

What the Denon DVD-3800BDCI sends out over that HDMI is key; it's 36-bit deep color on the picture end and Dolby true HD or dts-HD Master Audio on the sound side of things. As far as upscaling goes, standard def dvds are output at 1080p/24fps; pixel-by-pixel and digital noise reduction processing results in no degrading artifacts or jaggies. Making your entire catolog look as good as possible.

This bleeding edge Denon hardware provides its owners with a unique immersive cinematic experience that is so striking it will have other manufactures scrambling to compete.