Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gmail Custom Time: April Fool's or a Real Feature

Gmail Custom Time

Gmail, Google's email service, last night released a new feature named "Custom Time". Made live around midnight the feature seems surprisingly unethical and would serve to undermine the whole basis of email time stamping. It supposedly allows up to 10 email time alterations a year. Allowing thoughtless jerks and procrastinators to fib about their poor time management skills by predating their email.

Google has taken this a step further by added the ability to mark the altered email read or unread. Seriously, as if you wouldn't notice an unread email dated from three days ago suddenly popping up in a sea of read messages. Is the introduction date of this feature a strange coincidence or clever April fool's prank? Considering you can't really use this feature when composing an email on gmail, I'm betting on the latter.