Friday, September 26, 2008

Slingbox Pro HD is Now Shipping

Are you experiencing an out-of-home HD deficiency? Wish you could watch streaming HD video anywhere you have high-speed Internet connection? If so, realizing your dream is only $299.99 away.

The "first of its kind, Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD is capable of streaming both SDTV and HDTV"

At long last, months after the announcement at CES, Slingbox HD PRO is shipping… so, your fix imminent. "Slingbox Pro HD transforms laptops and a wide range of smartphones into personal, portable TVs.”

Supported Audio and Video Sources

  • Basic Cable TV, Set-top Box, or Digital Cable Set-top Box
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) such as DISH, TiVo, Comcast, ReplayTV, or one provided by your cable/satellite provider
  • DVD Player/Recorder
  • Satellite Receiver such as DISH or DIRECTV
  • Video/Security Camera
  • Apple TV
  • Windows Media Center
  • Digital Antenna
  • Digital Cable (clear QA)
  • HD component input support for 720p or 1080i
Streaming in HD-resolutions is only available for Windows.