Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interesting New Looks for Sony iPod Docks

iPod-mania hasn’t eased up much since Tuesday’s “Let’s Rock” event got everyone all worked up. Sony is riding this wave of excitement, hopefully all the way to the bank (they’ve been in a bit of a slump, fiscally). But, if they keep pumping out sweet iPod accessories, like these two shiny new jewels, their stockholders should see a tidy sum on their next dividend check.

First up is the latest entry into the Dream Machine line. Donning an interesting circular façade, the ICF-CD3iP will accommodate CDs, iPods, and iPhones of all descriptions. Along with an iPod dock, which charges the device, this dream of a machine will allow other MP3 player to jack in through the line in. Maybe, Sony had their line of player in mind. Other niceties included alarm time exchange between the iPods alarm and the clocks alarm, comprehensive remote, and 30 presets for your AM/FM channel surfing needs. Price is rumored to be hovering around $100, with availability reported to be some time in October.
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Next, from Sony, is the ZS-S4iP...

This is a Boom-box dock that completely integrates you iPod into the design of the boomer, making for a seamless look that is quite striking after always seeing iPods set apart in their companion devices. The mechanism works much like a cassette deck with an eject button giving you access to the dock. Two 2W speakers provide the aural experience, and the box takes a myriad of CD formats, in addition to the radio tuner. Look for this to be available around October as well with a selling price around $140.
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