Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Apple's New iPods are Rumors No More

Below are the new iPod ads that are already making the rounds. If you haven't heard, the freshly announced 4th gen Nanos use the accelerometer technology found in the Touch and iPhone, and Apple has ditched the 'stocky like Rocky' look, to ventured back into coveted tall, thin and skinny territory (much like Steve himself). Additionally, new colors match the artsy players to primary and secondary colors, while silver and graphite round out the newly available Nano array.

The iPod Touch got a much needed...
volume control rocker switch, but no GPS. Price cuts did happen, much to my chagrin, and range from minimal to substantial. The updated 2.1 firmware adds a playlist genius, so if you're a mix master skills aren't up to snuff, the device intervenes and helps you fill in the blanks. The Touch has always been more than a media player and Apple's marketing plan reflects their new aspirations for the device, a portable gaming system. This new ad leans toward adding gamers to the loyal music lover demographic.