Monday, September 29, 2008

Nintendo to Announce a Refresh of the DS Thursday

In 2004, Nintendo brought touch to portable gaming with the launch of its DS series. Since then, touch-controlled gaming has been adopted by the iPod Touch, with the additional benefit of enhanced gameplay through the Touch’s accelerometer.

With sales of DS systems falling, Nintendo is making plans to nip this possible market shift in the bud, and taking into account the fast-paced sales of games offered at Apple’s online store, Nintendo should be nervous.

Although, they aren’t quaking in their boots just yet, the fact remains that one in five Japanese own a Nintendo DS.

Nevertheless, the company is scheduled to present... an unnamed "new product" at a news conference in Tokyo, on Thursday, and the speculation is it will be a new version of the DS.

The Tokyo based Nikkei Business Daily, reports the refresh will included a camera, music player, and updated WiFi, hopefully with WAP support.