Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pioneer Introduces New GPS Models

Pioneer announced four new in-dash navigation head units; two double-din receivers, the AVIC-HRZ099/88, and two single-din the AVIC-HRV022/11. All of them feature a 40GB HDD, and text-to-speech. The $2495 HRZ099, flaunts an 800x480 pixel count on its 7-inch widescreen, while the others proudly display 480x234 on the same size monitor. To optimize and tailor to each person, the new product line, dubbed carrozzeria for the Japanese market, features “My Set-up” or customizable user preferences. These are stored for quick recall.

Revolutionary networking capabilities have been integrated into Pioneer’s latest latitude and longitude pin pointers. They use... a social network-like “Smart Loop” system; where traffic information can be shared with other device users in a "smart traffic information loop". The high-end model is set-up to provide you with additional information through this network by giving you a “Smart Loop Drive Report”. Information in this report may include which route will be the most fuel efficient, or how safely other drivers are driving.

If that “smart loop” traffic info isn’t cutting it, you can flip on the TV tuner and get a traditional traffic report. TV tuners are present in all but the lowest price model of the line. While on the subject of tuners, every new model uses a signal amplifying radio tuner, for improved reception in those dark, foreboding urban canyons.

The 50W x 4-channel amp provides the top two units with punchy power, while the disc player supports CD, DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO, DVD-R/RW, CD-ROM, CD-DA, and CD-R/RW formatted discs. Additional media can be loaded onto the HDD through USB drives (additional equipment maybe required). Supported media file formats are: DVD, WMA, MP3, DivX, WAV, and MPEG-4, units are also iPod ready with video playback.

These are set to drop on the pacific island of their origin by Halloween night. Prices will range for $1795 to $2495. No word on when these beauties will be making landfall in Cali, and consequently blessing the rest of us with possible ownership.

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