Monday, September 22, 2008

Go From Rags to Riches (and back again) with Apple

Tired of seeing your hipster-savvy developer friends make fists full of cash off of the asinine game they developed for Apple’s iTunes App store? Now, you can stop complaining and learn how to do something about it.

To help encourage the admittance of more indie developer’s into this Apple beneficiary enclave, Qantm - a self-proclaimed global media college, is offering the first accredited coursework in iPhone development. The course is “specifically for designers who want to produce games and applications for the world’s most iconic instrument.”

Luckily for students, this particular college experience requires moving to some of the greatest cities in the world, outside of NYC. “Following the London launch, the iPhone course will be available in Qantm colleges throughout the world, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.”

Don’t forget to mention Steve Demeter’s story when you pitch this idea to your financer.