Friday, June 27, 2008

Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center

Pandigital is hoping you're looking to update your kitchen technology with a little of their technology. Back in March, they announced their latest foray into digital frames is going to involve a 15-inch LCD touchscreen, 720p HDTV, and recipe database.

The Kitchen Technology Center, or KTC arrives on your countertop pre-loaded with the hundreds of recipes, a music/picture player, and calendar/clock. The calendar function allows you to program the frame to start a slide show at 2pm, bring up a recipe and play you a song at 4pm, or just remind you "Emerald" is on.

Of course being that it's an offering from a Pandigital, it also accepts every digital camera card you can think of...

Worried about operating a sensitive piece of technology when you have messy fingers? The KTC touch screen is a mess-proof design that is easy to clean. Sealed with glass, it is protected from water, oil, flour and other common ingredients, as well as from spills and splatters.

Other niceties are - the included countertop stand, an under-cabinet mount, and flat panels are also wall-mountable, so you can position the KTC where you’ll need it most. Interchangeable faceplates in brushed stainless, black, and white let you match your kitchen’s d├ęcor.

Centralized control over the entire array of kitchen appliances has been a promise of consumerism since the Fifties, these frames are the first widely available system that actually presents the idea to homemakers in a way they can use now. I could easily see something like the KTC controlling the kitchen one of these days... when blenders, refrigerators, and ovens learn to communicate with one another.

June was the proposed release, but it doesn't look like that's happening.