Monday, June 16, 2008

Chinese iPhone Wannabe Sports Embedded Projector

This latest discovery from the Orient serves to reiterate the fact that tiny embedded projectors are coming to a cellphone near you. This is the first cell phone slated to go into production that includes a embedded LED projector. This not so subtle addition, can project up to a 30" screen at 640x480 resolution.

The battery life, while projecting, is said to be two hours. My guess is the spokesperson at the trade show, where this was introduced, made up this answer. But, I'm a bit cynical. The battery could really last that long. Either way it's going to be interesting to read some user reviews of this model and their suggestions on improvements.

I'd never heard of the phone's manufacturer ChinaKing, but a quick look at their site uncovers a slew of somewhat unorthodox phone offerings.

via ...OhGizmo!.., Engadget..