Thursday, June 12, 2008

iPhone Gets Video Projection

So while we portable gadget addicts wait for cell phones that include tiny embedded projectors. A Johnny-on-the-spot Taiwanese manufacturer, Honlai, has been reducing the size of today’s available projection technology, and making it into a form suitable to befriend iPhone aficionados.

This projector represents some of the newest iPhone accessory tech being reviled at Computex Taipei 2008. It boasts screen sizes between 15”~ 27”, which is perfect for a medium sized room. It’s far from HD, but youtube works in a pinch; so a resolution of 640x480 should be enough to satiate you ravenous media appetite. The paltry contrast ratio of 200: 1 is a bit of a bummer, but hopefully a nice price upon release will allow us gloss over this.

Judging from the test runs published online...

the picture quality isn’t bad. There's no doubt, these units give you instant access to room filling visuals that would otherwise remain handheld; however, as far as the sound goes, the speakers pump out all of two watts. Which will be sufficient to get the point across, though some audio is bound to get lost.

Whether this iPhone projector will be used to display the buyer’s vast array of legally purchased iTunes movies, or whether it will become an impromptu presentation tool, allowing enterprising business folks to sell their ideas on the fly, has yet to be determined. Price will most likely decide this.

But, however they take off, I predict they definitely will. Our digital lives are turning away from being solely sedentary. More and more people are realizing the benefits of mobile computing; in turn computers are getting smaller and are conforming to us more. I can’t wait until we are truly freed from the desk, and wearable computers are commonplace.

If this all seems a little far fetched too you, you can always plug your iPod into any analog AV system using cords from Apple.