Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hydrogen Airships not Hydrogen Cars

Flying is usually done for speed and convenience, but what if the ticket price outweighs that convenience? Rising fuel and security costs could make this a reality for air passengers - if we ever stop paying to bail airlines out with government subsidies.

There is an alternative brewing in the place were most alternative thinking begins (i.e.,Democratic governing)... France. Popular Science reports on Jean-Marie Massaud, an industrial designer that believes slow moving airships are the next step (be it forward or backward) in air travel.

Mr. Mossaud, who has designed submarines for Yamaha, is building a luxury airship with a top speed of 80mph, and two story cabin that can carry 15 passengers. The undertaking is a joint venture. Mossaud has hooked up with Onera, the French NASA, expected ROI has to be in 2050 or so, because the projected sale date is 2020. Crazy bunch of French futurists... I wouldn't mind pimpin' in this ride, though. Hopefully, Christopher Walken would be aboard waring his Max Zorin costume.


mikelisoper8tor said...

NICE Zorin reference...007 jim bond is word life.