Monday, March 3, 2008

FreeLoader Pocket Solar Charger for iPods and Phones

Freeloader 8.0If you're an 0utdoor adventurer, this compact, foldable, solar charger could come in handy. Quickly juice up your iPod in those clandestine locations (you tend to end up in). The clever Brits, over at the aptly named firm Solar Technology, are offing up this tiny but mighty sun worshipping voltage vat for a pittance. That is, if you get paid in British Pounds. The Freeloader 8.0 will run you ₤29.99 or about $69.99; freeloaders always cost you but seldom pay you back. Luckily, this freeloader pays its own way in the end. Go powered...anywhere; beats having to walk half a day to the charging station.