Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Portable Aviation GPS, Fully Realized

Garmin GPSmap 496Aeronautical GPS navigation just got a booster shot, from none other than Garmin. Garmin unleashed the first aviation GPS portable to combine satellite weather data with color moving maps and terrain alert with the GPSMAP 396.

Now, the newest member of the GPSMAP fold, the GPSMAP 496, comes fully decked out with access to more information than 00 can get their hands on.

SafeTaxi which offers position diagrams for 650 US airports can help you make your taxi less hectic. An airport directory featuring details like the phone numbers of fuel services and ground transportation, as well as information on thousands of airports in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean give you the tools to meticulously plan your trip or the ability to make it up as you go along.

Quicker, higher resolution graphics and more visual reference information such as terrain, obstacle, and private airports sites serve to provide the aviator with the peace of mind that most emergency can be successfully avoided, and if encountered can be dealt with effectively.

Weather satellite data is collected by the GXM30 antenna which as the name suggests uses XM weather feeds to display weather maps. The antenna can also receive XM radio programming; this entertainment option adds a lighter side to the usually strictly business GPSMAP 496.

Since pilots will be toting around the unit once on the ground, Garmin figured they might as well integrate City Navigator NT and TIS traffic alerts for their earth bound ramblings too. This comprehensive GPS’s highly developed since of direction, and bevy of useful features means it could truly be, “The worlds most highly evolved aviation portable”.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs.

I would like to know if you have maps or software from airports from Peru for a 496 GPS.


Fernando Castillo

Andrew R. Harris/etronics' blog said...

Fernando, the airport directory included on the device is built from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA) Airport Directory. The best advice I can give is for you to ask Peruvian airports to sign up to be listed on the AOPA directory.