Friday, February 29, 2008

Minox's Digi Cam: for 'Spies Like Us'

Minox Iconic Spy CamNot to make it a theme here, but the spying business is a great gadget producer. One from the days before cyber-espionage, is the Minox TLX Subminiature Spy Cam. The iconic size and sliding action of the completely mechanical camera is well recognized. You’ve undoubtedly seen them used in movies where the spy photographs the target’s documents with one.

MINOX DC 7411If you like your gadgets to invoke that spy slickness, but hardly need to be inconspicuous; the Minox DC 7411 digital gives you the tools to capturing life's highlights, easily and 'with the slickness'. Sporting a slimmer casing, 3-inch LCD, face detection, smart styling, and a 7.2 MP sensor, this capable flick maker will have you wishing your work assignments self destructed in...30secs.