Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jabra BT3013 Stereo Dog Tag Bluetooth Headset

Jabra BT3030 Dog Tag Bluetooth HeadsetEver wanted to play army man when you’re answering your phone calls? Most of us could answer definitively, no. But back in the day I had dog tags, my Dad’s. I would proudly wear them confident that one day I would be saving Mainframe and Lady Jane from the evils of Cobra or Serpentor.

Well, we all grow up, and into new fantasies. But for those that still fantasize about the about blue and red lasers streaking across the battlefield, Jabra has broken with the traditional form that Bluetooth headset regularly take and released the Jabra Bt3030 Dog Tag.

Now I hate regular Bluetooth headsets, that people with no reason to have one wear all day, because they make you look like a tool, for one, and secondly, when Skynet goes live and the robots take over you’re not going to fool them into thinking you’re a robot too, with your Bluetooth headset.

So I was thinking this would be a nice alternative as long as I kept it hidden under my shirt. But for the urban commando, this could rock their world. Think about it, tims, check, du rag, check, white owl, check, oversized dungarees and white tee, check, dog tag Bluetooth headset, check. It’s a match made in China.


mikelisoper8tor said...

wow nice g.i. joe reference, plus most blue tooth joints make people look super toolish. good they recognized that and changed it up.