Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brooklyn's miShare Teaches iPods to Share

miShare V10 iPod Content Share DeviceBrooklyn is the Borough. Here we like to call it ‘the planet’, for self evident reasons. Highly inventive, and ferociously independent; Brooklynites scoff at convention, and pursue endeavors most outside the borough would find odd, to say the least.

MiShare, LLC, a Brooklyn based start up, exemplifies Brooklyn’s ‘think differently’ lifestyle. They have made their mark by teaching iPods to be more social. Making sweet music together, or swapping music and videos with each other, is not a trick that iPods intuitively know how to do. Apple has been painstakingly removing file exchange from these tune filled totes since their inception, but miShare is here to prove iPods can be persuaded to share with their siblings, given the proper motivation, quickly and without a computer.

A miShare device enlightens the normally self-centered iPod to the existence of other iPods by physically linking them. This gives them the freedom to exchange information, with USB 2.0 speed, via the 30pin iPod interface. You can transfer either the most recently played song or transfer your entire on-the-go playlist, and DRM info is transferred in tact, so it doesn’t unlocked protected content. Although, if it did that would be more Mafioso than Brooklyn.

No word yet on an iPhone or Touch compatible version. Otherwise, as long as you have the iPod connector on the bottom of your pod, you should be good to go. You can start sharing your musical taste ‘on the fly’ with other iPod owners for only $99.

Seems as if it took a pair from Brooklyn to teach a bunch stuck-up Cupertino kids how to share with each other. What else should you expect? As our fair and friendly borough president, Marty, puts it “Brooklyn is the greatest city in America, hands down.”

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